How To Enroll

Are you ready to pursue your dreams of being a hair professional with top-of-the-industry skills? As long as you are at least 17 years old and have a high school diploma (or equivalent), you have everything you need to get started!

  1. Choose one of our beauty schools. We have a location in Bellingham, Washington, Boise, Idaho, and Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.
  2. Schedule a tour.You will get a tour of the beauty school, and we will describe what it’s like to be a student. You will learn about the exciting opportunities available to our graduates, and we will talk with you about what you are looking for in a beauty school.
  3. Complete and submit your application(s). The next step is to fill out and submit your beauty school application and financial aid applications (as applicable).
  4. Provide your identification and diploma. You must supply a copy of your photo ID, Social Security card (or birth certificate), and your high school diploma (or equivalent).
  5. Pay your registration fee and student kit deposit.
  6. Complete your beauty school entrance exam.
  7. Attend student orientation. You will have a chance to understand what our expectations are of our students and our cosmetology program.
  8. Start your beauty school experience.
  9. First-day all-school assembly. You will attend an all-school assembly to celebrate the graduation of seniors and introduce you and the rest of the new freshman class. Next you receive your student kit, learn what everything is and how to care for it. In the afternoon, you will be trained on shampooing and braiding techniques.
  10. You will develop your skills quickly. You will complete your very first haircut the very next day before learning eight hairstyles over the course of a month.

Schedule A Tour