Fashionology & Creative Writing – Enter the University

You open the magazine and … get into a fairy tale. From the page to the page, you find awesome creatures that are full of beauty, inspiration, and charm, and you have no idea what is happening on Earth. In fact, everything’s not as it appears in fashion magazines. Behind every fashion project, there are dozens of serious professionals. Have you decided to become one of them?

Then obviously, you have to start small. Well, not so small but very important – education. You need to enter university that is specialized in the fashion business. By the way, do you know how many professions does fashion business encompass? Designer, stylist, PR-manager, VM manager – and the end of this list is far away. But the key element which is related to all faculties and specialties is a motivation letter without which you cannot enter the university at all.

The competition is incredibly high, so it is important to think in advance about how to write such a motivation letter. Word of advice: be original, think in business categories and do not cite Chanel. Want to find out more?

What Is More Important: Portfolio or Motivation?

However, if you do not have a good portfolio, the motivation letter is unlikely to be read. According to Willy Walters, head of the fashion curriculum at St. Martins – Central College of Art and Design of St. Martin (Central St Martins), the motivation letter plays a secondary role, the portfolio is much more important. The portfolio should be as clear and convincing as possible. But at the same time, if your motivation letter is poor, even the brightest portfolio cannot save you. In this regard, you have to master creative writing as well.

What Does Motivation Letter Cover?

A good motivation letter is distinguished by accuracy and correct speech. According to Barnes, it should also match the features of the program you want to get to. For instance, there are many programs that are called “fashion marketing.” However, the content is very different. Understand what exactly the program to which you submit documents covers and write the appropriate motivation letter.

Tired tropes like “passion for fashion” in motivational writing emphasize only on your rusticity and dullness. It’s easy to write and it sounds good, but such statements have been already seen like a hundred times by committee. Also, members of the admissions committee shudder when they meet another “stylish” quote.

It’s a good idea to mention your favorite designer, but carefully think about whom you will be writing about. Mel Burkinshaw, director of the Edinburgh University’s fashion program says: “Students quote the same things all the time. From time to time, someone writes about a more conceptual designer, and thus – it is immediately clear that a person has a deep interest in the subject. ”

Showing that you orient in fashion is vital, but do not forget that fashion is also a serious industry. The fashion industry is the third largest industry in terms of production in the world. Therefore, it would be better to pay attention to creativity as well as business elements.

As you know, the goal of any industry is to promote and sell its products and services. Fashion is not an exception. So try to mention some business aspects in your motivation letter. And of course, do not forget about its structure:

  1. Draw up a CV indicating the existing education and work experience, as well as the desired education and future work experience.  You can write it in the table form.
  2. Indicate your strengths and hobbies. What you should write is not just “compliments to yourself”, but specific examples from your life.
  3. Write why it is important for you to get to this university
  4. Structure all sentences.
  5. The last stage is editing. In this case, it is important not only to correct mistakes, but also to “alive” the text. It can be a live speech addressed to the admission committee or some kind of contradiction or a joke. This will give motivational writing liveliness and memorability.

Such a short scheme could help you to succeed in writing a motivation letter. By the way, if you are eager to find out more about the pitfalls of writing a motivation letter, go to You will be pleased with a provided info and writing assistance.