Your Career Is Our Focus

Our focus from the moment you walk through our doors is on your future career. From our #high-quality curriculum to our ASK Education, we give you a head start on the competition. By the time you finish your education with us, you will be fully prepared to pursue your dreams.

Your Career

Being a cosmetologist is a fast-paced career where you will be able to provide a service for people that makes them feel better about themselves and helps them to succeed. The best part is you will also get paid well to do so.

Salon Stylist or Owner

We have created an environment where you are building up your clientele as you learn. You will be able to bring them with you which adds a ton of value to your salon as an owner or your employer as an employee.

Make-Up Artist

In addition to the foundational beauty makeup training you will receive from our instructors, we bring in top makeup artists to teach intermediate to advanced classes. We frequently create opportunities for you to be able to try new things, from doing the makeup for ballet performers to zombie special effects makeup.

Interview And Resume Training

Part of the education we provide includes training for your first interview. We do not stop there as our instructors will review your resume with you and make recommendations to help you build a better resume.

By choosing our beauty school, you are starting your career in cosmetology from the first day you walk through the doors! Schedule your first visit to launch your new career in cosmetology.