SKP Culture

Learn more about our unique SKP culture and our focus on your career

We have created a SKP Culture that exists in all of our beauty schools and provides a unique benefit to all of our students. From your very first visit, you will notice the difference that our focus on your success makes. Here is how it works.

Your First Visit
Our focus is on you the moment you walk through the door. Our job is to show you the inner rock star potential that you possess. We give you a personal tour, and answer any and all of the questions you have.

Client Focus
The SKP culture is a defining part of what it means to be a hair stylist. You will learn how to make your clients feel more comfortable and confident with you as their stylist. We also simplifies the process of discovering what it is they are wanting and being able to assess what you will need to provide to accomplish it. In the end by putting the focus on them and making them feel like a rockstar you are elevating their experience with you and the style you provide.

SKP Team
We have also created the SKP team where we recognize and reward the hard work and diligence of our students. This team is made up of all the students who have the highest grades, the best attitude, and the highest attendance score.

We are very proud to say that every student that has ever been a member of the SKP team has always found an amazing job and has gone on to enjoy a successful career.

By getting the best grades, you show you have mastered the curriculum and by having the highest attendance score, you have fast tracked your learning experience.

We look forward to being able to let your be the focus of what you are doing! What are you waiting for? Schedule your first visit today!