Hands On Experience

Hands On Experience

One of the biggest benefits that we offer at The Beauty Institute-SKP is hands on experience. A lot of our students have tried a different career path such as a nurse. They find that our beauty institute fits their personality because instead of just learning from a book, they get to learn through hands-on experience.

Institute Benefits

  • There are great opportunities for recreation and jobs after you finished your education.
  • We give a lot of personal attention to each student. You will get to benefit from the real-world experience of our instructors.
  • Our staff members are invested in your success, and they care about your education because our students are our most important priority.
  • We have specialists that come in every quarter to teach classes about topics ranging from avant-garde makeup, specialty hair treatments, how to get unique colors and more.

Fast Paced

With our fast-paced, engaging program, you will be learning new things every day. In the first four weeks, you will be able to learn and practice haircuts on mannequins. The next four weeks you will learn the theories behind hair color and processing, and practice the techniques.

After eight weeks, you will be ready to start working with real clients. A staff member will be available to supervise and answer all of your questions. We filter the clients who come through to match them with the right student. If it’s your first time, we’re not going to give you a complex, multi-layered haircut. We’ll give you the guy who just wants a buzz cut or the lady who just wants a trim around the edges to help you build your confidence.

Depending on your attendance, your beauty education could be finished in ten and a half months to thirteen months. What are you waiting for? In a year from now, you could be living your dream!

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