Fashion Oriented

Our Beauty Institutes in Bellingham, Boise and Coeur d’Alene follow the tradition of Schwarzkopf Professional of innovation and success while teaching a passion for hair. Our high-end, fashion oriented education can make your career a success.

A cosmetologist is a skilled artist that must learn to balance fashion and creativity with business sense. Our program provides you with a very solid foundation and allows you to have the room to grow in artistic ability. We know your skill and creativity will speak volumes.

Almost every beauty school focuses more on the business aspect. They will teach you more about how to sell product and less about how to hone your talents as an artist. You are going to need to sell yourself to your future clients, and we will help you with that, but not to the detriment of refining your art.

What careers require a beauty school education with a focus on fashion?

You will need to enroll in beauty school if you want to be a Salon Stylist, Special Effects Make Up Artist, Manager, Owner, Director, Product Company Representative, or a Platform Artist. Being a cosmetology educator requires specialized education and certification, but the first step is to take our basic course.

If you want fashion oriented, high-end education, schedule your private tour at The Beauty Institute-SKP today!